Application for Membership

USCAP Membership is your passport to:
  • Being a better pathologist
  • Connecting to the world’s prestige pathology organization
  • Access to world-class experts
  • Personalized life-long learning
  • Enhanced career paths
  • Solution-based strategies
  • Voice in your Academy
  • Partnership in USCAP’s global health initiatives
  • 25% discount on all meetings and educational assets
  • One journal subscription (varies with category and choice)
  • Portfolio of accrued USCAP credits (reported to ABP)
  • Dual membership in the International Academy of Pathology

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Regular Membership



Regular Members are any physician, scientist or allied health professional who has completed nationally/internationally recognized training in anatomic, clinical, hematologic and/or molecular pathology, or in an equivalent/related field, as approved by the Board; must maintain status of good standing that includes up-to-date payment of dues. They are voting members who may participate on committees and in the official business of the Academy.

Trainee Membership



Trainee Members must be enrolled in a pathology or equivalent professional training program, recognized by the Academy, leading towards qualification for Regular Member status.  They are voting members and can participate on committees and in the official business of the Academy.

Adjunct Membership



Adjunct Members are individuals who have an interest in pathology or a related field who do not meet the criteria for any other membership category. Applicants for Adjunct Membership must provide the necessary information and fees.  Adjunct Members are non-voting members and cannot participate on committees of in any other official business of the Academy.  Academy management maintains the right to approve membership in this category.